Jay Reeder might have been born in California and spent his formative years on the east coast, but he claims Alaska as his home. Jay spent his younger years on the west coast and started writing when he was in middle school, “I had a lot to say during that time in my life, and music was a good outlet for me.” It was there he was exposed to the underground Sacramento scene and started finding his natural lyrical style. He moved to New Jersey during his teenage years to live with his father and got into “stoop rapping.” After graduating High school he saw an add at a California job center that was looking for people to work in Alaska. He was on his way to Alaska the next day.

Not only did Jay find work here in Alaska, but he found a music scene he connected with and started making music regularly in 2012. With influencers such as Brother Lynch and X- Rated, he dropped his first album “6192907” which was a nod going from California to Alaska to showcase the important connection for him between both places he calls home.  He started a project called “Rehab Entertainment” with Lil Tasty and other artists that went on to sweep the 2014 Alaska Hip Hop Awards, with the group taking a total of 5 awards. In 2015 he met Loner Luc through Killa Dawg and knew that they had something special once they hit the studio, “It was over man, we gassed that studio, it was on fire. We knew it was a match made in heaven.”

Through his work with many well known Alaskan artists he fell into UNBREAKABLE with ease in 2015, and has continued to do local projects with Loner Luc, Mystro and Killa Dawg. Jay also has found a love for the production and perfection aspect of the art form, writing out whole verses for guest spots without other artist input, “I can see what it should be in my head, and I can’t have those parts executed in any other way.” He has spent the last year writing his new album, as well as other collaborations with UNBREAKABLE artists, and staying active in the industry. When it comes to working with UNBREAKABLE he gives credit where credit is due, “UNBREAKABLE is more than just a label, it’s a family, it’s a movement that can’t be stopped.”

Trill Twinz | No Basic Shxt (Shot by King Spencer)

LONER LUC & JAY REEDER Performance At Al's bar