Loner “Luc” is an assault style lyricist hailing from the unforgiving city of Fairbanks, Alaska. He grew up in a military family, with a preacher for a father and a teacher for a mother. He credits the regiment of discipline he was raised in as one of his main attributions to his success, “The way I was raised has made me into the man and artist I am today, you have to have self discipline in order to succeed out here, it’s a jungle out there man.”

Luc started writing in school during class to pass the time, which led to him being invited to showcase his talent through freestyle with other kids in “Blue Hall” at Bartlett High school. Luc came into the UNBREAKABLE family in 2015 through his uncle Mystro after leaving League Music Entertainment, “I didn’t wanna go anywhere else to make music, this was the only place for me.” It was through their union that he met his hip hop counterpart, Jay Reeder. Luc and Jay formed a partnership that developed into being known as the “Trill Twinz” representing “Trill House Company” under the UNBREAKABLE label. Their 2018 release “No Basic ShXt” is a reminder to not sleep on the talent that is here in Alaska.

Luc is about to drop two albums back to back, “808’s and Ad-libs” along with “Young Man, Old Soul”. Both are a nod to what makes up the foundation of who he is a growing artist with something for current day hip hop heads and those who are still moved by the old school values of the hip culture. He describes the double project as “A time machine of modern hip hop.” Luc has a broad range of influencers such as Earth Wind and Fire, Sly and the Family Stone, Travis Scott and Antisocial- and those influences can be seen and heard in his music.

When it comes to making music Luc says that remaining true to himself and staying timeless is the most important, “People seem to forget that once you put a song out there you can’t get it back, so I only want to release music that I know I will be proud of 20 years from now.” In form with staying true to himself he puts family first, and music second, “Just because I’m an artist doesn’t mean I always have to be out there. Right now it’s all about family. Loner Luc is a hobby, being a husband and a father comes first.”

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