Lord Jones is the youngest member of UNBREAKABLE, but he might just be the one with the most historical knowledge surrounding the hip hop movement in Alaska that is the UNBREAKABLE label. While he may be soft spoken, he radiates motivation and drive, a quintessential quality to have as a young up and coming artist.  The invaluable amount of experience he has in the industry is thanks to his devoted father Mystro, one of the founders of the UNBREAKABLE movement.

Lord Jones started rapping at the young age of 7, after being immersed in the hip-hop culture. He was inspired by watching his father and uncle make and produce music, then fueled by his natural talent and desire to see the “whole picture come together”. He officially joined UNBREAKABLE at 15 years old, doing his first song with the label under his father’s watch. He started his career as “Life Or Death Jones”, and later started performing under the synonym LORD Jones as he progressed in his career. Crediting Omega Jones and IRock as major influencers, his lyrical style is one that can be likened to spoken word, talking about the real issues young people in his community face. These influencers also showed him what it is to make something out of your surroundings, “ I never knew what it took to make a song, I thought you just turned on a beat and started rapping, watching them showed me that there was so much more to making these projects happen.”

These experiences motivated LORD Jones to delve into the production side of making music, where he started making beats and would sit in his room for days on end, just writing lyrics. He released his album OHP Love in 2017 under the UNBREAKABLE label and is constantly creating new tracks to share with the public. He is most proud of the growth he has seen in his fellow artists, as well as himself over the last 5 years. LORD tells me, “I plan to take over UNBREAKABLE someday, and were only going to keep growing and expanding. I have the drive and energy it takes to do that. I know we’re going to be a household name someday.”

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