Mystro and Killa Dog are the men behind the movement that is the UNBREAKABLE brand and music label in Anchorage, Alaska. Their bond started as they found their natural talent and passion for the hip hop scene in the hallways of East High School. As co-founders of UNBREAKABLE they simultaneously take on the role of CEO’s, artists, producers, promoters, designers and mentors for new talent in the rapidly growing music scene in Alaska. During this partnership that has spanned decades they have managed to stay true to themselves and their craft, “We’ve always wanted to make sure we were consistently doing things that other people haven’t done yet, we always have been ahead of our time. We continue to stay relevant and fresh.”

Mystro and Killa Dog came up during the 80’s in Anchorage, where the scene and culture were still developing in the community. It was the days where radio was king and stations like KSKA provided a platform for freestyle spots with DJ Reggie Ward and Marvell Johnson. It was a time where unity among other artists was strong, “Everyone we were rocking with wanted to see everyone elevate and grow in the game.” It was a time where being an artist, making music and performing was more about the love, and not about the paycheck. They were influenced by others artists like Run DMC, NWA, Ice T, LL Cool J, Rakim, Houdini and Big Daddy Kane. As others left the state, faced legal issues, or just plain fell off, Mystro and Killa Dog stayed in Alaska and committed to their craft, continuing to evolve as artists.

Over the last decade both Mystro and Killa Dog have been integral in helping to grow the hip-hop scene in Alaska. Through their work with BBAD Productions they have helped showcase the talent of many big name artists such as Keyshia Cole, 2 Chainz, Twista, Jon B, August Alcino and J. Holliday. The UNBREAKABLE brand has continues to be supportive of other up and coming artists, partnering with them to host and promote events and providing a creative environment that fosters and encourages their natural talents. Mystro and Killa Dog have also stayed current when it comes to their own projects, releasing multiple albums and collaborations with other well known Alaska artists.

The UNBREAKABLE label houses six artists, including Mystro and Killa Dog. Their all star lineup is a true testament to the talent that exists and often goes unnoticed in Alaska. They have a hand in all elements of their artists careers providing studio space through Raw Beatz and Shoestring Studios, videography for concept based music videos, production of raw lyrics and beats, mentoring through their experiences and a commitment to only working with artists that are serious about continuing to grow and stay relevant.

Both Mystro and Killa Dog both have the long game in mind when it comes to their signed artists and where they see the UNBREAKABLE brand going, “ People always ask us why were still doing this, when we’re gonna give this dream up, and we always tell them we aren’t even close quitting. There is no age limit on your natural talents. UNBREAKABLE is a lifestyle, it’s a movement. You will see us internationally and worldwide, just watch.”

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